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D.R.G. For President 2012

I wanted to put a lil sumthin sumthin here, even though I don't really have a game plan as of yet for this page of the site (a page I plan to get much bigger and more complex as the years fly past).
But Basically, I, Daniel R. Gonzalez am running for President of out United States of America for 2012.
Why 2012 you ask? Well it's quite simple really. According to our laws the minimum age to be eligible to be president is 35 (Why this is I cannot fathom, except to ensure that whomever is in charge is old and set in their ways thus not endangering the country w/ new ideas). As it so happens I will be turning 35 the very same year, 2012, that an election will take place. And seeing as I as an American born citizen who will be of age, as well as an opinionated young man who seems to enjoy some skills in the leadership dept. As well as a general love for my country, if not for what it current policies may be, and desire to help better said country. Well.. why not see what I can do?
So there you have it. My plan is simple. Get out in the running early and maybe I have a chance on being heard and making a difference out there.
Just a few things off the bat. I'm not running Republican or Democrat, cause they are basically two sides of the same coin in my humble opinion. So at the moment I guess I'm running independent unless I learn about and get the support of another party out there that is willing to go in with me that I can mix w/ when it comes to their beliefs.
I feel that the main issues in the country are education and healthcare. In that order. While I understand there are millions of other issues to deal with, those two are my biggest concerns, and while I don't have an answer as to what we can do about them (yet). I want to find out the best way to provide both.. and the BEST of both, to all Americans.
So that's it....... and as I always have on this slowly developing site... More to Come Soon
Oh.. and for all of those people who know me out there.....just in case... No, this is not a joke.
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