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The "I want to be a millionaire collection fund" a.k.a. GIMME a Dollar!


Doesn't this man deserve to be a millionaire?
Ok.. so here's the deal. I want to be a millionaire.. and you can help!
See the way I figure it is. there are several billion people in the world. And they give out to causes and waste their money on random shit all the time. So why not waste some of that money on me!
All i'm asking for is a dollar. Thats right.. Just one dollar. I figured w/ 10 billion people in the world if every person gave me a dollar I'd be a billionaire!.. Course thats not likely to happen.. but how about if a million people do it? Hell if just ten thousand people do it then I'll be able to get out of school debt. So no harm in asking... right?
So there it is.. my plea.. my bargain.. my right as an american to beg! So.....
Give me a dollar!!
Page Created 07/11/03
Total Owed in school loans as of 07/18/03 -- $8,986.51
03/28/08 -- $3,603.87
Total Recieved as of 12/02/04-- $2 sad isn't it...(thank Judy for being the first!)
Total Recieved as of 03/28/08-- $8 still sad.. but hey it's paid for about a 10th of my webhosting..
err of one year out of the 5 it's been up...