Pratt 1998 - 1999

Here are some older Video and Super 8 Pieces I did freshman year at Pratt Institute. Forgive the low res files, they were imported back in '99 into Quicktime files So the compression used on the original files isn't quite up to par to today's standards. I also redownsized them though there's no real quality loss between the original import and the files here.. Maybe one day I'll actually get off my lazy behind and find the original stuff and reripp em into the computer. (don't hold your breath though)

Anyway these pieces are by far what I would call finished products there just stuff I shot out for class deadlines. I really like "Camera Shy" and I'm quite embarrassed about "Slush". As for " Super 8" I can go either way.


(You will need Quicktime to view these files) (2.8mb)

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Assignment #1 - first piece I did for video 101
Assignment involved a in camera edit which meant I would shoot it all preplanning the shots so no editing was necessary ... I did cut out a little bit of the action and random camera glitches when converting to QuickTime but most of the piece is intact and still in the same order as originally filmed.... (resisted the urge)
In case you don't catch it b/c kristie was not close enough to the mike so it's kinda low.. the reason why I yell NOOOOO (as jerry) is b/c she says.. "hey jerry where's alex tonight"
The title is based on our little pet name for jerry... him being a "slush" - slut + lush
The story is based on jerry's thoughts as he suffers in agony over the fact that he knows that all his friends are laughing at his horrible situation, being monogamous, In his suffering he decides to take action only to be stopped by the mere mention of his g/f by one of his friends.....


Camera (11.66mb)

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Camera Shy

So assignment #2 came along and I didn't have a clue as to what I wanted to film as the deadline approached I decided to look at some of the footage of my friends I have shot throughout my own camera carrying phases, pestering my friends incessantly (the position now having been taken over by kurt) I found I had quite alot of interesting reactions to the camera and did a piece on that.... I especially like the opening and closing comments... the ": stealing of one's soul," as well as the comment said through the door of how I am a phreak, for "stalking people with my camera." (3.9 mb)

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Well.... it's my first assignment for my super8 class and the story is hopefully self explanatory... but for all you idiots who don't get it right away ... Girl is in love, thinking of her boy, Military man comes to the door.... Informs girl that boy is dead, girl is heartbroken, and Mm leaves girl kills herself.... it was quite kool actually going through the physical process of editing a super8 film I enjoyed it alot.. but then maybe I’ve just got a twisted perspective on fun.