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Greetings everyone!

This is the beginning as they say. Today Is the second day in my attempt at creating this website. I've only sat infront of dreamweaver for a couple of hours now and I'm trying to get this all down and done. We will see if I will master this program (as well as others I am using to create this site (such as Illustrator) or if I will eventually quite this whole thing and just leave this site untouched till I can't make the payments to host the site any longer.

I plan on periodically filling in here my thoughts about life the universe and everything. How things are going on the site building and how things are going in general. You can come check it out. Or you can not. It's all really up to how nosey you are about other peoples lives (specifically those of people who's sites you stumble upon randomly and who you don't know from adam, or maybe you do know adam in which case tell him daniel says hi *smile*)

So here it is, my first entry. And if this is any indication of whats to come, expect to be bored, Extremely BoReD.
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5:22 am

What's the difference?

love: n.

1. A deep, tender, ineffable feeling of affection and solicitude toward a person, such as that arising from kinship, recognition of attractive qualities, or a sense of underlying oneness.
2. A feeling of intense desire and attraction toward a person with whom one is disposed to make a pair; the emotion of sex and romance.
a. Sexual passion.
b. Sexual intercourse.
c. A love affair.
3. An intense emotional attachment, as for a pet or treasured object.
4. A person who is the object of deep or intense affection or attraction; beloved. Often used as a term of endearment.
5. An expression of one's affection: Send him my love.
6. A strong predilection or enthusiasm: a love of language.
7. The object of such an enthusiasm: The outdoors is her greatest love.

lust: n.

1. Intense or unrestrained sexual craving.
2. An overwhelming desire or craving: a lust for power.
3. Intense eagerness or enthusiasm: a lust for life.
4. Obsolete. Pleasure; relish.
Yes.. I admit.. I needed to check this word out too…. I "Love" that they use a different version of the same damn word in the definition

so·lic·i·tude: n.

1.The state of being solicitous; care or concern, as for the well-being of another. See Synonyms at anxiety .
2. A cause of anxiety or concern. Often used in the plural.
Not that I didn’t figure it out by this point.. but... just to be thorough...

so·lic·i·tous: adj.

1. Anxious or concerned: a solicitous parent.
2. Expressing care or concern: made solicitous inquiries about our family. See Synonyms at thoughtful .
3. Full of desire; eager.
4. Marked by or given to anxious care and often hovering attentiveness.
5. Extremely careful; meticulous: solicitous in matters of behavior.
Why am I posting all this? Well.. I was just trying to figure out the where the line is… according to dictionary.com .. it’s in how much u care about the person … caring.. maybe I should look that one up too…..
And I do realize that there is a difference.. and you can have one w/o the other…. You Love your mother but u don’t Lust after her (least I hope not…If you do.. don’t tell me about it….) and sure I Lust after Natalie Portman… but really would I Love her if I knew her?
It’s just interesting to me how much we get caught up in these two emotions…. Frankly I wish I didn’t…. I’d prolly be a much more productive person if I wasn’t thinking about all this crap ….. hrmmmm ……
Why can’t I get to sleep tonight!!…. grrrr…..
12:00 am

Thank You

So even though my Make me a Millionaire attempts are not going so well (so far collected 1 dollar!). People have started to by my warez. On Cafe Press. I just wanted to say, thank you for the support!

The Bastards took my idea!

Election 2012 Thats right..... Somebody in HBO musta ran across my site or heard my rants (i've only been talking about being president since I was a kid)... wether they want to admit it or not.. it's to much of a fuckin coincidence... they want to record people running 8 years in advance who happen to turn 35 in 2012?.... Come ON!.... my concept. my idea.. just a regular guy who wants to run.. b/c I have every right 2 and I care for my country.. whats worse.. they don't even bother to mention it to me.... pssss...... I can't even BELIEVE that it was possibly just someone came up w/ the idea on their own at the same time i did.. but decided to just use it as a show concept....
anywayz.. no matter.... I'm still running.. I'll still do it my way. however that is.... and I will get my message across.....
One thing.. I don't remember if I said this b4.. but if I did .. it bears repeating for those who are as lazy as me and won't read my whole entry list again....
I was telling someone once about my concept.. of running.. of the importance to me, of the two issues, health and education. And they said.. "well hopefully, noone else will have done anything about it b4 you have a chance to run". When they said it I just laughed... but after actually thinking about this statement.. I was thought.. NO.. actually I wish that someone WOULD do something about it. I'm not looking to do this for power.. Hell.. I'm a Hispanic American, Non-religioius, At the moment.. no family. I don't even think most people wil take me seriously.. but I BELIEVE in my country. To me i'm not specifically Hispanic American.. I'm AMERICAN. And I love america .. fucked as it is. I WANT whats good for our country. And if someone else out there can fix the problems B4 I run.. then YAY.. GREAT.. SUPER!.. cause I'm doing this to get the word out.. to DO for my country! I'm not expecting my country to do for me. But boy if it did.. I would be joyous! And I could go back to shirking life to the fullest... *smirk*


***** Edited later today**** so someone posted a comment on livejournal.. then pulled it (I have a link there back to these postings) apparently sounding offended by a comment I made in this posting.. here is what they said...."Uh....what's the deal with you not thinking you're hispanic-american? So being Hispanic makes you less american? In this land built by and for immigrants, you wish to not acknowledge your own cultural heritage?
Is that being American?
So, under your definition, what is American?"
I have a response to that..... and it is simple.... I am American.... America IS a great melting pot... technically speaking there are only a few "americans" here.. and they were all conquered and done away w/ centuries ago... the last vestiges of these people now seperated out as "native americans" then there's "hispanic americans".. "african americans".. etc.... why though, are there no "european americans". It's simple really.. b/c .. they know the score!.... they don't call themselves something americans.. they ARE american... many of them still appreciate where their families came from.... AS DO I.... but I'm not seperating myself from my country. I'm not an outsider. I'm from here, born and raised and I'm American.
I realise there was a whole culture and heritage behind me.... but that does not make me Hispanic American.... it still makes me American..... see I think part of the problem w/ this country.. is this seperation. I don't see a distiction from whence u came. I see people born and raised HERE. A true patriot does not need to seperate themselves from their country to be heard. Be it by race, sex, religion. I believe, a true patriot can say.. hey.. I'm every bit a part of this WHOLE country no matter where my family came from.. cause hell.. all your families came from everywhere too..... and that is What makes america so great! America IS everyone, everything and the longer it takes us to realize this the longer it will be, b4 true equality exist throughout our fair nation.
Well Apparently.. No one cares about my plight.. or rather no one wants to give me money for no reason thus far... I plan on updating the Make me a Millionaire Page w/ info on how much I owe in school loans and How much people have given to me... (thus far NOTHING). Also I just added two more stores to Cafe Press Check on the links back at the Send Money Page.

Twist Nation Black & White Logo

The New Stores are for my new errr.. lets call it a club of sorts... it's for all those throttle TWISTers out there. Who love to ride.... Be it scooters, cruisers, sports bikes, atv's, mopeds. you name it. See i've noticed that there are quite a few people out there who pick on and proceed to bash the rest. The way I see it they are all fun.... and if you make me a MILLIONAIRE then trust me I'll own at least one of each. But anyway.. I'm looking for people to join said club or at least said state of mind to TWIST is to have fun. Is how I see it. Ain't no way your going to make me pick just one. (well technically I have already chosen... but then again lets see if I can't afford to get a ducati sometime this lifetime as well as many others on my long wish list of TWIST fun.)



Spread the Word!!

Just updated my Send Money Page ... yeah I know its been done by others b4. but we are talking about me now!

Lana, A work in progress..

I put some decals on my baby today... as shown in the pics above. i did it on both sides though I only took pics of the one side (she was already locked up for the night and I was to lazy to move her. B4 you ask since everyone so far already has. Her name is LANA in case u forgot... and 66 is my favorite number.. or actually I like 6's in general but I really dig the 66 (6 is all by itself and 666 has to many bad connotations so.... 66 it is.. I mean I could go with 6666.. but that just getting ridiculous) Still thinking of just putting the 66 in the front in a circle under the luggage rack.. We'll see how that goes..... I really wish I had gotten it done b4 the rally last weekend though.. the pics don't do it justice it really looks hot.. grin. i'm really happy about my baby's new racing stripes.
Anyway... I promised a real entry about my philly weekend so here it goes. Friday.. the 4th.. I started out by riding out into Jersey halfway between Philly and New York to go to a BBQ with some old friends I havn't seen or really hung out w/ in a long time.... That was kool... I think I almost exploded on the meat .. (all we had was meat and corn... nothing else.... oh yeah.. and I brought popsicles and kurt made some pies... go kurt!) but needless to say.. once I was done I could barely move let alone think about the rest of the ride I had left to get to philly... But ride I did. You know.. I've ridden the roades to philly a million times at this point and I must say.. after Speeding down that roadway at a minimum of 80 mph it really sucks not being able to go faster.. (meaning go to my send money link and buy my shit.. so I can afford to supe up my baby!!) but anyway.. I got there in once piece.. and realized that I had a). Forgotten to print out the rally itinerary (though this isnt completely true.. I printed out a places suggested by past rally goes which had mentions of the intinerary.. just not the official one) b). forgotten to write down Jim's Cell Phone # (the person who I knew from philly who was kind enough to let me stay w/ him while I was there) and c). basicaly had no clue what to do.
After making a route around the parts of philly i knew.. mainly Broad St. South St & Market St. Hoping to find some scooterista riding along together.... (mind you.. I find... many other vehicles riding in packs.... cruisers, sports bikes, and even a group 10 atv riders who didn't even bother riding on the right side of the road at some points!) I found no scooters.... I also kept getting the voicemale of the one persons number I did happen to have on me which was one of the other NYC riders who planned to come up.. but seeing as I hadn't spoken to him at all that day.. I wasn't even sure he hadn't changed his mind. Finnally after taking the tour of central philly.... I remembered that though I may not have jim's number others I know might.. so i quickly called around and got his cell... left him a message and decided to just fuck it and enjoy my time in philly.. so I went back to south st. to check out the people.. Parked the bike and headed over to the waterfront to watch fireworks coming from New Jersey.
Eventually everyone decided to call me.... First Jim called to let me know he was on his way.. then to tell me he was here but way uptown over his brothers house to watch the fireworks that would be going off there.. since I had nothing better to do.. and fireworks are fireworks.. I decided to go up and join him.. course as soon as I agreed to this and was on my way up.. sebastion calls to say he just got my message and was headed over to a bar that was part of the itinerary.. (which actually was mentioned in my places to go email that I DID print out.. but when I buzzed by there was not ONE bike to speak of outside and the place still looked closed). So I decided to stay over Jim's brothers house.. which was kool.. cause we were in AC watching the pre fireworks show then once that was done.. we all climbed up on the roof and got a great view of the fireworks only a few blocks away..... If you want to check out some of it.. I added it to my Philly exp video HERE.
After the fireworks show.. I got my keys from Jim .. (I can't thank him enuff he was the ultimate host giving me a spare set of keys so I could come and go as I pleased) and headed on over to his place to drop off my stuff b4 going out to the bar. I went.. i did... then i was off to the bar.. only 5 measly bikes were parked there.. and sebastion as well as most of the others were already on their way home... apparently everyone was beat.. and so.. I didn't really stay since I didn't know anyone and I wasn't sure what to do. Instead I headed out to PAT's KING of STEAKS!! to get my cheesesteak .. (the real reason I love to go to philly so much). and happily ate my cheesesteak while sitting on my bike.. what more could a boi want?
Finnally I head on back to Jim's and crash out for the night. I wake up fairly early as everyone is congregating at druid's keep to check out each other's bikes and wait for the first ride of the day (and only I may add) I get there fairly early a few minutes b4 12 .. only then to realize that the ride isn't even for over 2 friggin hours.. there's no bbq yet.. thats AFTER the ride.... and it's fucking hot as hades there and the only option is a the Bar being a little outt of the way.. I would have to ride to get anything else. I go up to the bartender and ask him what non alcholic beverages he has.. and he looked at me like I had 3 heads..... finnally replies soda and I say I'l have one of those then. and to my relief it's only a buck fifty!.. heh.. imagine someone actually selling u soda that cheap in a bar in nyc?! so I drink the only liquid they carry that doesn't have alchohol .. fully realizing this will only dehydrate me more... and suck on those ice cubes and stick em on my neck forehead and shouldes and talk to random people. Ogle their bikes and bitch about the heat.. as I slowly wait till 2 rolls around. During that time period I do meet some people and get to chatting. I also make plans to ride back w/ the NYers who rode in.. which is good.. cause though it may be slower as I'm going w/ slower bikes down the 1.. at least it won't be as monotonous as me riding in alone. I fall completely in love w/ this guy's bike .. i'm really starting to appreciate Lambretta's, and the special w/ those 3 prong panels are def my favorite! The ride wasd pretty good.. though I almost got in a fight w/ somedumbguy. during the ride. How u ask? Well.. I'll tell ya.
See.... there was about 50 of us riding together.. which is a pretty big train of people to try to keep together in the city... so.. people were set up who ran the ride who were basically stopping traffic at intersections to keep the ride moving smoothly... well at one such roadway merge.. these to guys in a big deliver truck was barreling right towards us w/ no intention of stoppping whatsoever. So being .. well.... me.. and wanting to help out my felow riders.. I just stop in my tracks right in front of the truck leaving him no opportunity to try to squeeze himself into moving scooter traffic. The guy in the passenger seat is furious and literally gets up and starts banging away at his windshield asking what the fuck am I doing. (Now this part was told to me as I wasn't really thinking about my reaction when it was happening) but I just turned around and locked at him w/ a poker face and didn't move or say anything as he kept getting upset. He eventually got out of the truck and came over to yell at me some more. when this happen other bikes who noticed there was trouble stopped next to me for support.. (never got the first guys name.. but thanx I did appreciate it!) And the driver comes rolling out as well to tell us how this was fucked up and how we needed a police escort to do this. Once all the bikes were through he was like so what are u going to do now.. to which my reply was to look at the trail of bikes leading away and turn round after them. (funny side note.. one bike broke down on the ride.. and the chase vehicle had to stop and help them and lo and behold, but who was caught stuck behind them again.. but the same two delivery guys!). The ride ended at this museum and was quite nice.. at which point everyone was to split up for a poker run (groups of people would hit all the points on a map and collect a card from each spot whomever had the best hand would win the run). I of course would pick to go w/ the cute girls who also happen to be locals in hopes of finding the best routes to each point (hello laura and kelly). After hitting the first spot.. an ice cream parlor which many stayed for awhile... a quick thunderstorm quickly approached blowing shit into our faces and making us run for cover over one of the girls houses who lived close by. as we managed to fit 5 scooters into a small garage that already had two sitting inside the rain started and we ran into the house for cover. Let me tell u everytime i go over someones house in philly I get depressed.. they always have these big beautiful places that they pay next to nothing for when I live in a small little place just cause i'm in nyc.. not even in mahnhattan.. mind u.. but nyc none the less... .. sigh..... We chill out there for awhile and chat about random things.. though I found out that I'm apparently the only one of the people in the room who hasn't known each other for years.... so most of it is old stories of their time in college together or boyfriends and what bastards they are and all other inside jokes that I have no clue about.. Anyway.. either way some of the stories were quite funny.. (i certainly don't remember having this much fun in college but maybe it's cause I was only there a year and w/ a group ok kids 3 years younger than me when I finally went). Eventually we decided to go to the BBQ since we already missed the time slotted for the poker run.....
Ok.. I just realized how much I've been rambling in this post.. and frankly i'm getting tired.. so rather then shortchange the rest of the posting and just writing.. bbq/club night/ ride home the next day.... I'll post the rest of my weekend at a later date... maybe...



I'm not awake enough to put in a real entry.I went to philly for the weekend for a scooter rally. And I took pictures as well as a couple of minutes of video (literally just a couple of minutes). But bored as I was I played around w/ it and posted them so if you want to check out what I did this weekend here's a taste. The pics you can find on scoot.net w/ all the other pics people who were there posted as well.

Stupid Is As Stupid Does

(or .. how I almost got run over then arrested by a cop... but ended up scott free!)

So... Sunday night I was hanging out w/ some friends..I went to see the movie the hulk.... (better then I expected.. the cgi .. still looked like cgi.. but it didn't look as aweful as the commercials... or how a friend described they animated a drawing made w/ a crayola marker)... We went to see the movie down by ground zero at the Battery Park Theater...
Now one of the people who came w/ me.. has been out of NYC since b4 911.. so she wanted to see the site.... Since i was on my scoot and there were two people... I left them walking and rode ahead as to not leave one person walking alone.... I get to the site first of course.. and being on a scoot and used to just riding up to the sidewalk I do just that.. stop the bike and get off... now... being ground zero of course.. there are cops in big SUV's sitting around protecting the big hole in the ground... when they see me.. they motion to me to move the bike... so I hop on.. and w/o even thinking about it scoot across the street into a one way street cause there's parking not 2 feet into the street..
Of course genuis that I was .. I didn't think about the fact that I did this wrong way ride, even if it was 2 feet, right in front of a cop... they apparently jump into there suv's thinking I ran off down the street .... and come barreling around the corner I guess expecting to find me on the run... Meanwhile I was already off the bike and walking around the car to go onto the sidewalk and was nearly slammed into by said SUV (and I mean it was close he got w/in a foot of me).... soon as he stops he comes jumping out of his car w/ hands on his holster .. I dunno what he thought I was trying to do but he seemed to def think i was up to no good... and started demanding my license.. which I quickly produced for him.... his other friend's SUV comes barrelling in as well.. and he jumps out.. they are looking at my plate & at my license I guess calming down realizing it was just a stupid mistake on my part.... he asks me if I have any warrants and I just laugh... cause no I don't .. in fact minus the one time I was a bike messenger when I was 18.. I havn't been stopped by a cop in a vehicle since....
All i could do was apologize and wait for my ticket... As luck would have it they were apparently unprepared to give me a ticket for a moving violation.. (apparently protectors of the hole are only prepared for more serious offenses to said hole in the ground) and realizing that it was just a stupid mistake on my part said to me... "Your getting ure one get out of jail free card, I believe if i'm not prepared then i'm not going to bother" and just said.. "get outta here" which I quickly did.. jumping on my bike and scooting away (making sure to follow all traffic laws) and passing my friends having to tell em I'll call em in a sec.. then once I was out of the vicinity calling em and telling em what just happenned then meeting em at my new favorite place .. Cozy Soup & Burger... *the meat is the size of my head!
So thats my story....
Yes.. I realize that I did a dumb thing.. and got out of it lucky....
It's been awhile huh?
Yeah.. i know I havn't been posting much... for those 2 people who actually read this page..... and this one isn't going to be that long a post.. but I wanted to share somewhere.. and it's 4:30 am and noone is on .. so I figured i'd share it here....
I'm watching the PBS Jazz documentary by Ken Burns.. (awesome so far) and I just watched disc 2....which mainly focused on the awe inspiring greatest influence in Jazz ... Louis Armstrong .... and I was wondering to myself why in the day in age when everyone gets a movie made about their life.... he hasn't been made into one yet? Anyway... as I was watching this footage of an older performance I realized that Cuba Gooding Jr. has a remarkable resemblance to a young Louis Armstrong... so maybe if someone out there reads this they should do something about it! (and Pull Mr. Gooding outta this funk of horrible movies he's been doing... *who in their right mind agrees to do a movie like Snow Dogs?!?!) ... anyway..
even if they don't go w/ Gooding.. really... least VH1 or some cable channel should come up w/ a Louis Movie!.. hell.. even if it's just something to show during black history month... the man deserves his own flick!!


File has been Found.. woohoo!

Rare "Bootleg Music" track!

So I'm looking for a particular bootleg music file....

T he one that seemed to piss everyone off... For those of you who are unaware... Madonna &/or her record label flooded the p2p file sharing groups w/ fake versions of her songs from her new album "American Life" in it there are random lines of her saying "what the fuck do you think your doing" .... and hell... fuck the album! I want the fake bootleg tracks.... (oh and for those who didn't hear about this whole thing.... rather amusing.... a bunch of hackers hacked her site .. took it over and offered her whole album for free d/l from the site w/ the message.. this is what the fuck we are doing!... Madonna's people eventually took down the site for over 15 hours until they could get it fixed)
so if anyone out there In avertedly d/led the track and hasn't deleted it... Please send it my way!

Communication in today's society

So i'm watching the making of "To Kill a Mockingbird" .... and they go alot into the actual time era of people who lived in the times that the book/movie is based on. There's an interesting comment made (several actually but i'm only touching on one in this post), that of the lack of communication between people, families, community in today's age of TV, Video games and the like. While i agree that things have certainly changed since those days when none of those things exisited so all you could do to pass the time was to either read a book, play w/ people.. or talk... I think that most people are forgeting that new technologies now exist that are bringing us full circle in a way that may even eclipse communication and self expression b4.
The internet.. the web... instant messages. Hell this page on this site is a perfect example... as well as peoples blogs, livejournal and other personal pages. Not to mention now though it's true that I am not running around from porch to porch to talk to people.. .. Now I just logg on to my AIM screenname and I have instant access to talk to friends of mine all over the world who are equally ready to talk. One guy said in a statement of how we are getting away from talking to each other that who knows what new technologies will bring... But I'm not to worried... it's in our nature to want to communicate to interact. And all technology will do is find new ways for us to do just that. It may not be the same way as the old.. and I'm not going to argue on which may be best.. but it has its advantages as well as its disadvantages. And I for one don't think we'll all become hermits.
On a side note. I saw this commercial for AOL broadband that had a bunch a monk's who took a vow of silence talking to each other online... Now I'm taking the commercial as a joke.. but seriously .... are monk's allowed access to such technology.. and if so.. is their vow broken if they chat online? I would see email as the same as writing a letter.. which i'm pretty sure they are allowed to do.. but chatting w/ someone oneline would to me seem like the same thing.. has religion caught up to technological advances or is there a loophole a techy savy monk can get away w/ to talk to some buddies/family back home.. grin.... just wondering....
anyway.. I'm going to get back to my chat convo's....

I've Got a Vespa!

(click on thumbnails to view full size Images)

That's right boys and girls... I picked her up just 6 days ago.... For those of you who don't know.... I've been obsessed w/ Vespa Scooters for as far back as I can remember. I just love em.. and I finally have one of my own! I have not been writing in my journal as of late b/c I've been so busy focused on how to get the money together for my new ride and just didn't think about anything else... but I'm back and ready to go for more... oh yeah... I also went to FL for the weekend to see my grandparents (their 50th anniversary) My birthday passed.. pretty uneventful... the best thing I got was from Judy (many thanx) she hand made a dreamcatcher for me that is quite beautiful., thanx again....... But really all I have to say is. I have a Vespa! I have a Vespa! I have a Vespa! I have a Vespa! I have a Vespa!
And her name is Lana….
12:26 am
Created a banner for use on other people's link pages... I posted it on my contact and link's page.. but i'll just put it here one more time for good measure.
Nothing to fancy.. but hey.. I needed something in case someone actually liked my site enuff to link to it.
You know.. it's stupid the kind of stuff you see yourself end up doing even when you know it isn't wise...
Relationships.... past, present, and future... bah humbug!
Heh.. and that's all I'm going to say on that.
Welp.. I stayed up all night FINNALY putting that scanner I purchased weeks ago to some use and scanned in a grouping of photos that i had in my portfolio.
They are all pretty old pics but hey.. I still like em.. and hopefully you all will too.
On a side not about the pics.. some of them involve people that I have lost touch w/..... Including people that my name remembering defective mind.. have forgotten said names of....
So if anyone out there who may stumble upon this site...Take a look at these pics. In the Bathrooms section Images 001 (dont think i've seen her in 4 years or more used to be a regular at the pyramid move around the whole dancefloor when she danced), 009 (quite guy, interesting.. though always wore the exact same outfit!), 011 (Met her that day.. Just HAD to go up to her and ask for a pic, Last time I saw her was about 2-3 years ago she came out for the first time in a year or more and said she was moving to italy for school for a year), & 013 (More pyramid regulars that just dissapeared). And from the Misc Section the Pic called Walking (Only knew her briefly from my "park days") If you know their Names or better yet knows how to contact them.. please share!
4:44 pm
Sara Wilbur - Writes in my Online Guestbook

>>I was just wondering who was going to fund your Presidential campaign?
>>Sara Wilbur <wilbursara@hotmail.com >
>>Middletown, NY USA - Wednesday, March 12, 2003 at 14:03:26 (EST)
well... frankly...... once I get this party started ... if the people really want me to run.. then I hope to get donations to get this thing moving.... this will be a real grassroots effort... I will be looking for volunteers and I, along with anyone else who is willing to help will be trying to get the word out there.. so that I can give it a real try. Wether or not this will succeed I guess will be up to those of us going for it.. and those out there who decide they want to hear more.
But isn't that how its suppose to go? Instead of one of the Big Two (parties) picking you and pushing you into people's faces till you know everything they want you to know about them.. (I mean.. seriously.. as the average joe.. I didn't even know there was another George Bush out there until they had him running.. does it mean I didn't follow politics like a good american or does it mean that they picked some nobody w/ a name that could be controlled and used to get party agendas done.... i don't know)
Shouldn't we, Americans be able to just say.. hey.. I have a voice, I have an opinion.. and go for it?
I'm hoping so.... and I'm hoping other people out there feel the same way.
p.s. I will be posting my reply to you on my Online Diary Page.
Hello, I am a signature virus. Please add me to the bottom of your sig and help me take over the world! Resistance is futile.
Education.. a right? or a privilege? The New York Times has an article about how the recession is affecting school's, tuition, financial aid. students and teachers. (you'll have be a member to see the article) The essentials are ... due to everyone losing thier job.. (be it students or students family members who are footing the bill) the applications for financial aid have risen by up to 50% in most schools (this b4 deadlines have even come close). Some schools answers? Layoff faculty in order to have a bit more money to give out in financial aid. Well great so kids can stay in school but more people get screwed outta thier jobs and of course one wonders who will get axed and how that will affect the education of those who get to stay ( I mean are we talking the lunch lady and the paper pushers down in the office who have been there for 10 years or are they cutting some newly appointed teacher w/ no tenure and dropping a few choice classes in the process?
Well anyway, while i appreciate that the schools are trying to work as best they can to keep the school going...really if thiers one thing the goverment should be making sure does NOT suffer b/c of the recession, then it should be education! I mean how our country thinks it will stay a world power w/o a society capable of competing in a world no longer centered around simple might. Educating the masses is the only way we are going to stay on top. I mean even in our wars. We use science and technology to fight, not swords and brawn.
Not that I have any real solutions here.. just ranting.. but hey.. this is just a random journal entry not my presidential campain speech.. *wink*
Nothing really to say today..... been reading more and more how the gov. has been stripping away our rights under the banner of "protection" from the terrorist threat out there.... so I just felt I needed to make our Constitution and Bill of Rights available in yet another easy to find place on the net. You should all read it. See what we got going for us. B4 they take it away.



The Space Shuttle Must Be Stopped!!

The title pretty much says it. It's a viewpoint in the latest issue of times which you can see if you click on the link. Even though I don't think we should go fully automatic when it comes to space exploration as the writer of this article seems to, he makes some pretty vaild points and brings up some issues I never knew.
It's pretty crazy to think. The space shuttle was designed 30 years ago! This is from the same gov spending billions of dollars each year to come up w/ the latest ways to blow us up the newest koolest planes and tanks and every other thing out there.
But if you want to go to space you'll be riding a vintage 1970's Space Shuttle, complete w/ old school computer technology (oh i'm sorry they upgraded recently, course it took em since 1980 to do the last refit... 1980!!! we change computers every 6 months .. video game systems take every year or two!)
Yeah, astronauts are pretty brave.. it's like saying hey why don't we take the wrights brother's plane and use that to fly these people over the grand canyon. It's ridiculous when you think about it. I used to be a popular science magazine nut. I'd always being reading about all these kool new ways they were thinking about getting people up into space. Yet for some reason None of this new technology surfaces. If what this guy is saying is even half true (and knowing big business it's hard not to see this as the only explanation) The only reason New ships having come out is cause Keeping up and Sending off these big expensive ANTIQUES is BIG MONEY... and I mean BIG.
I can't friggin believe that shite! I mean come on we are talking about going in to space here, not walking around the block to the local bodega (with my new sneaker technology which comes out every season promising a softer, bouncier cushy walk)!! But then again I actually don't really own those newer shoes, way to flashy for my taste.. I got a pair of old school designed canvas sneaks, but hey maybe that's it! What w/ the 80's retro think being so hip now adays, maybe NASA is just trying to stay current by keeping w/ the retro rocket design. *shaking head*
NASA needs to be refit, remodeled or done away with! And anyone who doesn't see that is blind.
5:54 am
It's the new year and I've been back in New York for a few days now.. Back from where u ask? Why from my new years trip extravaganza on the west coast. (my g/f put up pics on her website to check em out click here) We started by hitting Las Vegas Partied there for a week.. we went casino and club hopping, saw a cirque du solei (prolly butchered the spelling there) show "O" and did a lil bit of gambling.... We stayed at a friend of mine's house... Thanx Arron! ... though it unfortunate since all the hotel/casino's were crazy... wish we could have afforded to stay in one of those. My personal favorites were New York New York (obviously, though it wasn't really very New York like at all), Paris, and the Luxor (big pyramid shaped hotel/casino and tons of egyptian art and the like reproduced inside). Vegas was fun but after about 3-4 days it got incredibly depressing to see all these old people just gambling there lives away.. just look what can happen to you!
We finished up on New Years Eve at the strip, can we say CROWDED AS F@#@K! Two friends of mine who are currently in LA (Tanya and Julio) came in to party w/ u for the night. It was kinda anticlimactic, The Big Screens all around us showed nothing in the way of how much time we had until the last 10 seconds and what's worse... the damn things were wrong! Paris started 30 seconds early and after countdown hit it again so that confused the hell out of us.. then the casino near us hit it at the right time so we basically counted down 3 times .... there were fireworks, and such and then everyone cleared off the streets .. which was good since that meant the casinos opened up again so we got our drink on.. oh yeah.. even me .. I got a little tipsy (which as all who know me, know it is a rare thing). After partying all night we went to breakfast and went home to crash b4 the next leg of our trip/vacation.
The morning of the 1st arrives. Now we had decided randomly last minute when we realized how close we were to it .. that we should go see the Grand Canyon. So we decided on a plan to see the Canyon going the opposite way from our goal which was LA. See the only problem was ... we had a quick little 3 hour nap b4 going on our journey as we had alot of ground to cover if we wanted to see the Canyon b4 the sun went down, cept the only problem was that even though there were four of us in the car, only one of us.. namely me had a license to drive. JOY.... So First we cruise at a brisk 100-110 miles an hour over to the Canyon, On the way we cross the Hoover Damn *two national treasure w/ one stone.. woohoo!* and get there w/ about 1:30 of sunlite to enjoy the sites and watch the sunset over the canyon. All i can say about the place is..... wow... it certainly is grand.... I seriously think that everyone should go see it at some point in there life. I plan to go there again and camp out and stay awhile (though I will be doing this during the summer as contrary to popular misconception (least mine and the 3 other people in the car w/ me) Arizona is NOT hot all the time, desert or not. There was friggin snow on the ground!
So once the sunset we drove out of the canyon and had a little scare, seems I had underestimated how much gas would be used getting to the viewpoints so I didn't fill up b4 we entered the national park area.. unfortuantly we we at empty and then took a wrong turn out of the park thus ending up over 30 miles away from any sort of civilization.. so here we were cruising alot slower then i normally drive afraid of the fateful choking out of gas engine sound that awaited us... but we made it out and got gas.
So now it was time to go home.. only problem.. still on only 3 hours asleep.. still the only driver .. so we started the 8 hour drive accross arizona I took an hour nap on the side of the road about an hour in then kept going. fun fun...
So we spent the rest of our time in LA which was thankfully really warm the whole time we were there (unlike the friggin desert of nevada.. sheesh) We partied, hit club nights it was a blast. and Tanya and Julio were great hosts. Unfortunatly our time in the sun and the fun had to end and so we drove back to LV to drop off the car and make are merry way back to NY. Am i sad we left.. yes.. but am I glad to be home... Yes as well...
So yes.. this was my trip.... oh and to anyone who actually read all that and cared about what I did...
Don't u have lives?


5:45 am
So here's something Farging ANNOYING as all hell..... Seems that my attempt to renew and transfer one of my websites didn't take.... so a wonderful little company by the name of easydomainrental went and registered my website and is now renting it to some she male porn site. Great isn't it? Apparently the company's deal is.. they take a site that already has a presence on the web (ie. u hit search on google and the site comes up) and they go and register it if the site has expired.. Unfortuantly for me.. I screwed up and didn't renew or reregister in time... so now boredproductions.net, my first opening into the BoReD exp.. is gone.. sniff sniff.....
Not to happy about that in the least... but what can I do.... least I have .com and of course I'm Fortified!
On a side note... if you go to my Online Store, I've got alot of cute new items up.. including a fuzzy lil teddy bear wearing a t-shirt w/ the fortified logo just for the holidays and a "Vote 4 D.R.G." Thong and Boxers set! You know you want my name on your underwear.. *wink*
2:29 am
Ok I couple of changes to the site, as you can see if u were one of the 10 people who I pestered into looking at the site b4. This page b4 you, I have just changed the format slightly, so that the most recent entries are on top (barring the first entry which I will keep at the very top) Also I change the Graphic Design page to the Video/Graphic Design Page and added a couple of awful lil video's I shot and edited during my short lived stay at Pratt Institute.. woohoo! (Click Here to check em out).....
Also I've come to realize that this Page says "Online Diary" but all i've really been doing is letting you know about updates to the page..... (what little there is in that area) So... Let's see if I can't share a lil bit.
At the moment I'm having quite an interesting little time in the job dept. Seems that my bosses can't seem to make up thier minds on what to do w/ me.... Perhaps a little background story is in order. I work For Kinko's. I have had the pleasure of working there for quite some time.. (To bloody long actually) I started out part time at 78th and Lexington worked my way up the ranks once I became a college dropout and left there for Grammercy Park to be an AMT (Ass Mang of Technology) after 3 years in that god forsaken store... now around October this year, after working there almost a year, I got transfered (withought really checking if I wanted to first) to the Astor Place location. Another Mad house reminiscent of 78th Street (to all you annoying customers who yell and scream at the drop of a hat .. you know who u are... I HATE YOU!) I'm there until Last week.. yesh.. a whole ermm.. two months and though officially my paycheck is still coming from that store.. in the last week I have worked at Duane St and Wall St... My girlfriend has taken my work number out of her phonebook and refuses to put anything in... I can't even say I know where I'll be working next..... though it appears that Duane may be my new home...... We shall see I guess...
Besides that... I am also pretty pumped for my trip to Vegas... I leave on Xmas day to go party w/ my friend Aaron. Judy and I will be going there for the week .. partying for New Years then driving to LA for more partying w/ some friends I'm staying w/ up there.... Should be fun... so long as I don't go broke in Vegas... I'm not to worried though.. I don't really gamble.. but the shows and other things can get quite expensive.... We shall see .. we shall see...
anyway.. I guess that's enuff sharing of my life for now.......
D.R.G .
2:45 am
So I did the cheesy thing and linked up some of BoReD to my site so I have some content while i'm wasting times.. ermmm I mean while I am busy trying to put some new content together. .. yeah.. that's the ticket... also .. I found the first ever site I ever built.. it's pretty butt awful... .but if u want to see it and laugh at me.. click here... bear in mind I didn't even know how to put an image up online and I used aol homepage to easy designer or some such shite to build it.....
On a side note.. it's my sisteres b/d today.. Happy Birthday Xiomara!
D.R.G .
I set up a Guestbook in my Contact Section.... woohoo almost a month after I promise that i'm going to actually do something to my site and add some content.. I realize that I have a few scripts that come w/ my Web Hoster (Hoster? is that a real word?) that can make it seem like I know what i'm doing. Other then that I'm still sitting on my ass over here.. havn't even bothered to scan in old pics and works so that I can claim they are new and put em up on my site as filler.. (umm not that I would ever do such a thing... but still I really need to put something up) My excuse..... well I'm working crazy hours so I can afford the trip i'm taking to vegas.. yeah that's the ticket. So once I come back after the new year.... I'll just have to come up w/ a new excuse won't I!!!.... till then.....
Seems that I have not been very good at this updating of the website ... err.. thingy.... (How eloquently spoken he is.. he’ll make a great president, dontcha think?) .... err. yeah.. So anywayz...... It's been a real hassle... I mean.. I been working hard at .... err.. work.. And I've been working hard at avoiding more work. But that's what I've decided to take on here. More work. What with my plans on a campaign for presidency for 2012 (yes you read that right). My returning to my photography, wanting to work more on graphic design and now this website all hosted by me.... I'm just trying to kill myself aren't I!!!.. What the hell am I thinking?! Anyway.....

The first step I guess is the photos. I'm currently doing some research on a piece that I will call "Dolls" and basically when you see it. It’s going to be pretty bloody obvious why. So I'll actually have to go do that research so that that will get done..... Yeah.... other then that. I'm also beginning to actually read the news and try to figure out what the hell is going on around me. So that I have real and pertinent opinions about what the current president is doing wrong (heh.. not that we don't all know that something is wrong.... but still it's good to know the details). So here I go!! (Hopefully the spell-check works cause the first draft of this entry is just shite!)